Thank you to the Heights High School Band and University of Houston Band musicians who are generously donating their time to run the instrument petting zoo this year!

The Instrument Petting Zoo gives attendees a chance to have an up-close look at string, brass, woodwind, and percussion musical instruments. Attendees will have the opportunity to play some of the instruments under the supervision of musicians from area schools.

Petting Zoo Goals

  • To provide children (and adults) the opportunity to explore the various families of musical instruments

  • To provide hands-on opportunities to touch, feel, and play string, wind, brass, and percussion instruments

Petting Zoo Outcomes

  • Participants learn to identify the family to which a given instrument belongs

  • Children learn the proper way to hold and play a musical instrument

  • Young children delight in having a musical instrument respond to their attempts to play it

  • Adults who have not played an instrument since high school discover that the ability to make beautiful sound from the instrument is still present

    Both children and adults often seek further instruction or lessons

    Adults often begin practicing their instruments again and participate in local ensembles